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Youtube to Transcript

Generate YouTube Transcript for FREE.
Access all Transcript Languages, Translate to 125+ Languages, Easy Copy and Edit!

One-click Copy Supports Translation Multiple Languages

Effortlessly Generate YouTube Transcripts with Copy and Translation Features! 🚀

Use YouTube To Transcript to effortlessly extract the transcript from any YouTube video. But that's not all! We've added powerful new features to make learning, creating, and sharing easier than ever.

New Features 😎

  • Remove Unwanted Sections: Cut out sponsored segments, intros, outros, or anything else you don't need.
  • Free AI Prompt Library: Access a collection of prompts to use with your transcript for generating summaries, notes, creative content, and more!
  • Translation: Choose the language for the transcript and translate it to over 125 languages.

How to Generate a YouTube Transcript 🎥

  • Paste the YouTube video link and click "Get Transcript."
  • Customize your transcript by removing unwanted sections and selecting your language.
  • Explore our AI Prompt Library and take your transcript to the next level!

Try it below 👇

You will also receive:

  • Embedded Player: To view the video and transcript side by side.
  • Copy Button: To copy the transcript with one click.
  • Change Language Button: To change the language of the transcript.
  • Translation Button: To translate the transcript to over 125 languages.
  • Click on any line in the transcript to jump to that part of the video. 🔍

Why you need YouTube Transcript? 🤔

YouTube videos are invaluable for learning and entertainment. However, sometimes you need to take notes or share the content with someone who prefers reading. This tool makes it a breeze to obtain the transcript from any YouTube video.

For Note Takers 📝

It can be challenging to follow along with a video while taking notes. With the transcript, you can easily copy and paste the text into your notes. Even better, you can paste the YouTube transcript into chatGPT or other AI tools to quickly make notes for you. Some Podcasts are uploaded on YouTube, and you can get their transcript to use for note-taking.

We also provide an embedded player where you can view the video and transcript simultaneously. You can click on any line in the transcript to jump to that part in the video.

If the video is not in your native language, you can translate the transcript to your language, making learning and note-taking a breeze.

For Content Creators 🎬

Content creators can use this tool to research and create content effortlessly. Simply add your YouTube video URL and get the transcript. You can use the transcript to craft blog posts, articles, or detailed show notes related to your video content.

Some ideas that we love:

  • Create Quiz, Meme, Infographic, and more from the transcript. Reuse old content to increase engagement!
  • Summarize the transcript and add it to the video description to rank higher in search engines.
  • Extract key points from the transcript to create engaging social media posts that entice viewers to watch the full video.
  • Use the transcript as a foundation for blog posts, articles, or detailed show notes related to your video content. Some people prefer reading over watching videos. This will help you reach a wider audience.
  • Add summaries and key points to blog posts, tweets, newsletter, and more.

Pair YouTube Transcripts with AI tools 🤖

Using AI to learn, create content, and take notes is the future.

You can use the transcript with other AI tools to generate summaries, notes, or even generate a new video with the transcript.

Some Ideas to use the transcript with other AI tools are:

  • Generate notes
  • Extract key points
  • Generate summary
  • Generate questions and answers aka generate quiz
  • Extract powerful quotes from the video
  • Ask questions and get answers from the video
  • Find more information about the topics mentioned in the video
  • Create Fan quizzes and trivia.
  • Create memes and infographic


Is YouTube To Transcript free to use?

Yes, YouTube To Transcript is completely free to use. You can easily extract subtitles/transcripts generated by YouTube from YouTube videos without any cost.

How do I access the transcript after generating it?

Once you've generated the transcript, you can copy it with just one click using the provided Copy button. You can also view the transcript alongside the video using the Embedded Player.

Can I translate the transcript to other languages?

Absolutely! YouTube To Transcript allows you to translate the subtitles/transcript to over 125 languages. Simply select your desired language using the Change Language button.

Is there a limit to the length of the video I can transcribe?

Currently, there are no limits on the length of the video you can transcribe. You can transcribe videos of any duration seamlessly.

How long does it take to generate the transcript?

The transcript is generated almost instantly after you paste the YouTube video link and click "Get Transcript." You'll have your transcript ready within seconds!

Can I download the transcript?

Currently, we do not offer a download option for the transcript directly from our platform. However, you can easily copy the transcript and paste it into your preferred document or application for further use. We plan to support this feature in the future.

Is there a limit to the number of transcripts I can generate?

No, there are no limits on the number of transcripts you can generate. Feel free to transcribe as many YouTube videos as you need!

Get YouTube Transcript For Free!

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